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We’re a disruptive management consultancy with specific focus on Lean Process Optimization and hyper Agile product delivery. Accredited by respected international bodies.

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Mentorship Program

We believe in giving back to the community to ensure better generations ahead of ours. Join one of our Agilocity Mentorship Programs.

Agile Change Management

Our Enterprise Agility Consultants are well equipped to assist your organizations with the keys to enable exponential change on the individual level which is a prerequisite for enterprise change to become contagious. These are tactics that most frameworks don’t ever mention as their primary concern is Structural Agility (roles, process and responsibilities).

Lean-Agile Coaching and Consulting

As a coaching team we have many years of experience and we’re certain that we can add demonstrable value to your Agile or Lean transformation through our hands-on Agile Coaching and Agile Consulting.

Agilocity Custom Agile Training

We offer a range of custom Agile training ranging from Agile Boot-camp to Strategic Agility courses. These are perfect for people who aren’t hung up on Certification (although you still get an Agilocity Certificate), rather our aim here is on teams and teams-of-teams that consider the knowledge and experiential learning more valuable.

Enterprise Agility Assessments

We assist companies and teams with Agile assessments which provides the baseline data for continuous improvement in all dimensions of Enterprise Agility. The assessments span all areas of Agility. In addition we also offer cultural assessments which lays the foundation for direction in the Agile Transformation.

Agile-as-a-Service (AaaS)

Our Agile-as-a-Service (AaaS) offering allows organizations to outsource their Agile Operations to us. We offer a spectrum of outsourcing options, some of which include agile role-specific placement services (Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Agile Coaches etc.), Agile Consulting services and Agile Training division outsourcing. Utilize us as an extension of your internal capability, or acquire an Agile capability through our AaaS offering.

Agile & Lean Workshops

Agile and Lean workshops designed to deliver high impact learning in a short period of time, a workshop is a great practical way of mastering a topic. We bring the Agile pain relief to your workplace.

Agile Certification Training

Our certification portfolio of international accredited Agile Training courses enables us to train on all levels of the organization. Our training include Enterprise Agility University, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®), DevOps Institute, Agilocity Custom training and tailor-made agile courses and workshops covering any Agile tool or technique.

Agile Transformation

We specialize in driving organizational transformation, from Agile Readiness- or Maturity assessments through to training and coaching throughout the organization. Let us assist you with your Agile Transformation.

Latest Blogs

Are your superheroes killing your agility?

Are your superheros killing agility?

Your firm is on its agile journey and you are leading a team which includes a superhero. This superhero is needed by most teams, is seen as a “key” person. Our superhero works on their own, not always aligned to teams goals, doesn’t attend all meetings (as they are busy), they bend the rules and […]

DevOps Report 2021 - Insights

DevOps Report 2021 Highlights

Be sure to check out our DevOps Certification Courses below. SAFe® DevOps Certification Course DevOps Institute® Certification Courses

PI Planning Roadmap

Roadmap to PI Planning

Your PI Planning Checklist 5 Weeks to PI Planning Lean Business cases & Epic Hypothesis communicated (new work) and evaluated (existing work) Solution Management and Portfolio Management aligns on next priorities and socialize with Product Management (PM) Solution Roadmaps are updated & socialized with PM Continuous Exploration workshops conducted to build out features WSJF updated […]

Enterprise Agility University Agilocity

From Classic Agility to Business Agility to Enterprise Agility

We’re offering a free e-booklet on practical Enterprise Agility, simply sign up to our newsletter below. Once your subscription confirmed you’ll receive a download link from us. Written by Erich Buhler, Director and Founder of Enterprise Agility University . This booklet is for you: If you are pondering the meaning of what Enterprise Agility is […]

Mastering Reframing

Master the Art of Reframing to Augment Mental Agility

The transformation journey is entirely dependent on people’s ability to mentally adapt to change. As change agents we’re constantly faced with scenarios where we require a toolbox from which we can pick the right tool for the situation at hand. When influencing change within an organization we often encounter resistance to change, and this resistance […]

DevOps Certification Courses

DevOps Institute® Certification courses now available at Agilocity

Agilocity, a DevOps Institute® Registered Education Partner, now delivers all DevOps training to you via online instructor-led training.

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Enterprise Agility University, Scaled Agile Framework, DevOps Institute and a series of Agilocity workshops.

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