Agile Lean DevOps Conferences 2021

Agile, Lean and DevOps Conferences 2021

28 January

Together, We Know!

What a weird name for an event. Here’s the deal. There are a billion events all competing for the same set of eyes and ears and they’re focused on what organizers want to push into your head. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that, but we thought we’d try something differently.

What is it that jiggles people into action? Why is it that some people are willing to take risks and change things while others get stuck? We want this event to be about helping you get unstuck. It’s not about ‘experts’ telling you about their favorite method, model or tool, it’s about you bringing a problem you can’t seem to figure out and the crowd at the event will help point you in a direction.

More details on the YouTube video here.

Price: R202

29 – 30 January

Regional Scrum Gathering Kolkata

Regional Scrum Gathering Kolkata features key note speakers such as Dave SNowden, Gunther Verheyen, Peter Borsella, Scott Ambler, Zuzana Šochová and Patricia Kong. Tickets start at R519 for the two-day event. Read more about the event, including schedule and full speaker list on the website (link to the right).

31 January

Beyond Agile Israel

Beyond Agile Israel is a 12 hrs virtual conference with active networking, great vibes, small groups and international Agile leaders talks. Beyond Agile Israel 2021 brings international Key-Industry professionals to discuss innovative Agile issues, test-cases, key dilemmas and views on Agile transformation and practices. At around R93 it’s just a symbolic price and the event is made possible by its sponsors.

Read more about this freshly styled event, the list of speakers and prices on the website.

8-12 February


OOP bills itself as the conference for software architecture. The motto of this year’s event is “Back to the Future.” Participants can experience the OOP with all its practice-oriented program content and interactive exchange in the comfort of their homes or home offices. Tracks include modern enterprise architecture, DevOps, testing and quality, and business agility.

Some of the keynote speakers include Tim Berglund, Cathleen Berger, Grady Booch and Linda Rising.
Tickets start at R11 000, please read more here.

11-13 February

The Agile 20 Conference (A20)

  • “A20 is a unique event that will bring Agilists together to celebrate 20 years of Agile”
  • Celebrate Agile’s 20th Birthday and have fun
  • Hear from a co-signatory of the Agile Manifesto
  • Network with passionate Agilists and learn
  • Grassroots initiative by DMV’s Agile Meetup organizers

The lineup currently includes:

  • Alistair Cockburn
  • Lyssa Adkins
  • Lizzy Morris
  • Linda Rising

This event is FREE! Book/ read more here.

17-19 February

Developer Week Virtual

Each year, DeveloperWeek welcomes over 8,000 developers, engineers, software architects, dev teams, managers, and executives from more than 70 countries to discover the latest in developer technologies, languages, platforms, and tools. DeveloperWeek 2021 includes a hackathon, a tech hiring expo, and a series of workshops, technical talks, and keynotes.

Speakers include:

  • Jeff Lawson
  • Jason Hudak
  • Dan McKinney
  • PJ Hough
  • Damon Edwards
  • Soumitra Limaye
  • Emily Feeman
  • Mathhew Curtis

Tickets start from R1 500, please head over here to read more or grab your tickets.

22-24 February

Agile Open Northwest

The Agile Open Northwest conference is an event about Agile practices and techniques and Scrum project management that takes place in Portland or Seattle. Agile participants from the Northwest will be able to start, discover, and share discussions around Agile and Scrum topics.

The Agile Open Northwest conference follows the open space format for conferences. Open space is a simple methodology for self-organizing conference tracks. It relies on participation by people who have a passion for the topics to be discussed. There is no preplanned list of topics, only time slots and a space in the main meeting room where interested participants propose topics and pick time slots.

Tickets start from R985, please continue to read more here.

25-28 February 2021

Play4Agile (Johannesburg, Germany)

Our mission is to get people together to share, learn and co-design playful approaches for agile teams and beyond.

You can join the community here.

22-25 March

Business Agility Global Summit Online

This is the first Global Business Agility Conference ever.
Join from anywhere and any place in the world.
This is your biggest opportunity to connect with Top Experts, Practitioners, Peers from around the Globe. On all aspects around crafting successful Organizations in a VUCA world.
This Conference is a Non-Profit Event. All work by organizers is done at no charge. All remaining profit will be openly donated to a wisely chosen charity (details to be announced soon!)

Priced from R530 a ticket, please continue reading here.

25-26 March

DevOps Talk Conference

This conference brings together DevOps leaders, engineers, and architects who are implementing DevOps principles and practices in both startups and in leading enterprise companies. Attendees typically run technical and cultural DevOps complex transformation for large and medium organizations.

Some keynotes include: Johan Willis
Jessica Dean
Fiona da Silva
Angela Donohoe etc.

Ticket retail starts at R10 300+ and you can read more here.

21 April

Agile Munich 2021

Currently Niels Pflaeging is set to deliver a keynote and the agenda still requires some firming up:

Topics include:

  • Agile Transformation Kata by Nils Oud
  • Lean Coffees hosted by experts
  • Open spaces
  • Cases studies within companies
Tickets are priced from R3 600 and you can read more here.

20-23 April

DevOpsCon London

This is one in a series of conferences by Re-Think IT focusing on continuous delivery, micro services, containers, cloud, and lean business. Sessions cover topics such as CI/CD with GitHub actions, DevOps during COVID, and overcoming limitations in containerized applications. Workshops to look forward to include exploring Go for micro services.

Access to the conference starts at R10 243. Please visit them here to find out more.

28-29 April

Agile Austria Conference: Destination Agile

For the 4th time – in the green heart of Europe – an exciting, informative and educational conference on agility is taking place! Dear IT Project Managers, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Software Architects, Agile Coaches, Decision Makers, Developers & Testers and anybody interested in topics around Agility – WELCOME!

Key Tracks:

  • Agile Mind(Set)
  • Agile with a Smile
  • Agile Hangover
  • Agile Hangar
  • Open Tracks (New experiment)

Keynotes include Siegffried Kaltenecker and Sorhab Salimi. The schedule is still being fleshed out at the time of writing this.

Tickets retail from R12 000 a piece and you can read more here.

25 May


The Agile Commit 2020 Conference aims to help anyone who is dealing with code to improve their skills, become better developers, bring more business value to the organization and advance their career path.
The conference covers various aspects of the software development process – from the design phase all the way to production – including engineering best practices, testing, deployment and monitoring while focusing on modern architectures (micro-services, CI/CD, Cloud Computing) as well as Agile methodologies, DevOps culture and more.

Ticket prices are TBD, please read more here.

23-26 May

Scrum PLoP®

The Scrum PLoP is all about: Alistair Cockburn describes software development as a cooperative game. Scrum provides one set of rules for one such way of playing the game. The Scrum Guide is the official rule book. However, the Scrum Guide doesn’t tell you the rationale behind Scrum as a whole, or behind many of its successful practices. Those rationales come out of experience, community, and the insights of its founders and inventors. The ScrumPLoP mission is to build a body of pattern literature around those communities, describing those insights, so we can easily share them with the Scrum and Agile communities.

Ticket prices retail at EUR403.11 and you can head over here to book your spot.


May 26

Regional Scrum Gathering, Rio de Janeiro

Please read up on the site over here as the content is in Portuguese.

14 June

DevOpsCon Berlin

The Conference for Continuous Delivery, Microservices, Containers, Cloud & Lean Business.

14-18 June


XP2021: Agile turns Twenty while the world goes online

XP is the premier Agile software development conference combining research and practice. It is a unique forum where Agile researchers, practitioners, thought leaders, coaches, and trainers get together to present and discuss their most recent innovations, research results, experiences, concerns, challenges, and trends. Whether you are new to Agile or a seasoned Agile practitioner, XP 2021 will provide an informal environment to learn and trigger discussion.

At the time of writing this the speakers, agenda ticket price was TBD. Feel free to read more here.

17-18 June

Business Agility Conference Paris

An inclusive conference in an innovative and unique format. Two days focused on agility at different systemic levels: individual, team, organizational, ecosystem and societal. More info on the event as well as tickets avaialable here.


17 June – 19 June

Agile Coaching Retreat

Meaningful action-packed interactions, live practice and competence building.

Mingle and partner with experienced CTCs, CECs and ICF coaches. Make new, valuable, and long-lasting connections for the third millennium. Partner in discovery and exploration. Overcome limiting beliefs and find new ways of working. There are takeaways for everyone regardless of experience level! The Scrum Alliance Agile Coaching Retreat is for anyone interested in agile coaching or who wants to improve their agile coaching skills/network. Additionally, more experienced coaches will hone their talents alongside the best and brightest agile coaching minds in our industry.

Principles: Scrum Alliance Agile Coaching Retreats are developed in alignment with agile/Scrum values curated to maximize your experience and network connections.

  • Retreat – The event creates time and space for focused learning and growth.
  • Scrum – Learning is done using an empirical framework called Scrum.
  • Teams – Teams are the heart of Scrum and are a key differentiator at the Retreats.
  • Deep – Teams go deep into single topics, rather than covering many broad areas.
  • Long – Learning, collaboration, and relationships continue long after the event.
  • Shared learning – The event is designed for deep, collaborative, shared learning.
  • Two sleeps – Connections are made when our brains are quiet; the two nights of sleep allow for creative idea formation.
Tickets are priced between USD500 – USD600, please read more over here.

20-24 June

AgileUSA Testing Days

What are the Agile Testing Days USA?

The Agile Testing Days USA reach out to all software engineers and testing professionals.
The conference provides a fun platform to connect & network in the agile community. Equip your team with new methods & a mindset to take your projects to a new level! Key topics include Test Automation & Integration, Exploratory Testing, Mob Programming, Scrum Excellence, Continuous Delivery, Agile Management, DevOps, User Story Integration, Personal Development, Innovation Leadership.

Speakers at the prestigous event include:

  • Ali Hill
  • Ali Khalid
  • Angela Riggs
  • Angie Jones
  • Bart Knaack
  • Elisabeth Hendrickson
  • Gitte Kllitgaard
  • Janet Gregory

Tickets start from R32 000, be sure to grab ’em here.

And many more.

12 July

Regional Scrum Gathering Lagos

We are excited to announce Nigeria is hosting the first Scrum Alliance® Regional Gathering in West Africa.  Scrum Alliance® is the world largest trade association tand the most reputable not profit organization with over 1 million members, and global conferences that attracts 2000 participants. Our mission is  to transform the modern workplace and digital economy.


This signature conference provides a platform for over 350 attendees from Sub-Saharan Africa, Africans in the diaspora and international attendees. It will be transforming and birth the future of Africa as a continent that can innovate faster than any other space in the world.

Tickets retail between USD150 and USD180. Please read more here.

19-22 July 2021

Agile 2021

Agile Alliance’s annual conference is dedicated to exploring, innovating, and advancing Agile values and principles, and creating a space for people and ideas to flourish. The Agile20XX conference brings Agile communities together year after year to share experiences and make new connections — and this year we’ll be celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Agile Manifesto, as well as Agile Alliance’s 20th birthday! Join passionate Agilists from around the world to learn about the latest practices, ideas, and strategies in Agile software development from the world’s leading experts, change agents, and innovators.

Tickets are between $399 and $549 here.

25-30 July 2021

2021 International System Dynamics Conference

From insights to action: Resilience to global problems

The International System Dynamics Conference is an annual event where people from all over the world interested in the practice of System Dynamics and systems thinking gather. Now in its 39th year, the Conference appeals to audiences across industry and academia. These conferences introduce newcomers to the field, keep practitioners aware of current developments, and provide unparalleled networking opportunities. Participants come from business, universities, K-12 education, not-for-profits, government, consulting, the healthcare sector, and beyond.  This year’s conference will be held virtually – if circumstances change we may also consider gatherings in Chicago and elsewhere – stay tuned.

In this year’s conference, we will explore how System Dynamics allows us to generate insight into the drivers of problems and the design of solutions in highly interconnected dynamic systems. Some of the current problems that the world faces (such as COVID-19, climate change, poverty, etc.) are of such complexity that it is nearly impossible to build adequate insight without structured approaches like System Dynamics. The 2021 International System Dynamics Conference will include rigorous dialogue and exchange of ideas about resilience to global problems, how to design solutions to these problems, and how we might turn insight into action.

Tickets retail between $310 and $410 over here.

26 -29 July 2021

NDC Melbourne

NDC Melbourne is a 4-day online workshop event for software developers by NDC Conferences.


18-20 August

ALE Agile Lean Europe

Agile Lean Europe (ALE) is an event where people from different areas come together to share experiences and learn approaches to work and business with others in peer to peer manner. There are no speakers declaring lectures, but instead practicing people settling down in small groups to learn & tackle issues together. And it all happens in a warm, friendly and pleasant atmosphere that people create and maintain by themselves because they want that and it makes ALE what it is.

Ticket prices are R3 500 and up, please head over here to buy and read more.

2 September 2021

Agile on the Beach

AOTB 2021
To improve the overall experience of visitors to our website we have moved to a new Event Website.
Please click on one of the two buttons below to visit the new site or book tickets.
The AOTB Team. Tickets between GBP475 and GBP575, over here.

13 September 2021

NDC Oslo

13-14 September 2021

Agile Prague Conference

This year we are going to introduce over 30 speakers from all around the world. The conference is running in two parallel tracks in two days, where you can choose from the variety of talks for managers, scrum masters, product owners and try agile practices in practical workshops for testers and developers, share the know-how, discuss in open space.

The theme of the AgilePrague Conference 2021 is “Sustainable Agility”.

At the time of writing the conference was calling for speakers and topic suggestions. The price is also TBD.Please stay abreast by visiting their website.

16-18 September


Organizers say this is the largest conference of its kind in central Europe. In 2021, two conferences are being combined into one two-track forum. The “Building Better Software” track covers topics such as agile, lean, scrum, and Kanban. A “Building Better Products” track is for anyone involved in creating products.

Keynotes include:

  • Daniel Vacanti
  • Jose Casal
  • Cat Swetel
  • Cliff Hazel, and many more.

Ticket prices TBD in Jan 2021. Please read more as there website evolves.

16 September 2021

LeSS Prague

Tickets go for EUR800 over on their site.

23 September 2021

Mob Programming Conference

Thinking of trying remote mob programming?  Want to know how other teams are doing it?  Whether you’re already mobbing online or starting to explore it, our next Mob Programming Gathering will offer new ideas for you to try.  Join us for a lively and informative session. and make new connections with the Mob Programming community!

Date: Wednesday, Sept 23
Time of Day: 9am PDT, 12noon EDT, 6pm CET
Theme: Remote Mob Programming, How Do We Do it
Format: 1.5 hours total. 3 short talks + Q&A
Cost: $0

More here.

27-30 September 2021

DevOps Con Hybrid Edition – New York

DevOps is fundamentally changing the IT world and leads the way to a successful business transformation. Attend DevOpsCon to learn about the latest tools, technologies, and methodologies you need to build and maintain secure, scalable, and resilient software systems.

Join them here from $449. 

24-26 September 2021

Agile Coach Camp CZ 2021

Agile Coach Camp is a non-profit two-day collaborative Open Space Unconference for agile professionals and anyone interested in transforming and improving themselves, their teams and their organizations.

Attendees bring their own topics, either in the form of presentations or topics/questions for discussions and brainstorming, plus topics can also emerge from conversations in real time. The weekend agenda is established and agreed on site, following Open Space Technology (OST) approach, and is based on the interests, experience and willingness of the attendees.  More info is available on the official Agile Coach Camp website.

4-6 October 2021

AgileX Conference

Continual team improvement, collaboration, customer centricity, reducing risk, and speeding up ROI have always been important – even more so in the current environment, these enablers seem even increasingly critical. It’s clear that the current shift in global priorities demand companies to be more strategically agile than ever before. The luxury of speculating about the fourth industrial revolution as a discretionary option has suddenly evolved into a reality where, according to Darwin, it’s not the strongest nor the most intelligent that survive, but rather those that adapt to change quickest. Lean and Agile companies, enabled by DevOps culture are now more important than ever before as they enable companies to pivot rapidly to capitalize on ever changing markets through strategic agility. Whether you’re just starting out in agile or have years of experience, please join us at AgileX 2021 where our theme is “Stepping into the 4th Industrial Revolution –  Possibilities Re-imagined”.

As we enter the third decade of the Agile Manifesto our agenda this year is set to cover current as well as cutting edge trends in Lean and Agile, how to take your Agile Transformation to the next level, attain holistic business agility and learn how to cultivate innovative, learning company culture.

Here’s to the third anniversary year of the Agile Manifesto.

Tickets to go on sale by 1 August 2021.

5-8 October 2021

UberConf – Berlin

ÜberConf is our flagship educational event for software engineers and technical leaders. With 10 concurrent tracks, 140 sessions, and 10 full-day workshops; ÜberConf is truly the ultimate destination for passionate technologists.

Topics include: Software Architecture · Architecture · Modern Java · Kotlin · Leadership · Security · Front-End · DevOps · Microservices · Kubernetes · Docker · AI · Machine Learning · Gradle · Android · Performance · RxJava

Read more on their website over here.

7-8 October 2021

Regional Scrum Gathering Belgrade

Regional Scrum Gathering is a global event of like-minded Agile practitioners, developers, trainers, coaches, and enthusiasts.

This worldwide known Agile event is, for the first time, happening in this part of Europe and Belgrade is incredibly happy to be the chosen one as a host!

This event will bring you amazing keynote speakers from the global Agile and Development community, as well as many notable speakers who will share their expertise on different topics from the Agile and Tech world.

Grab your special priced ticket at EUR129+ VAT before 30 June 2021.

11 October 2021

Agile Business Conference 2021

Join us on 11th-14th October 2021 for our first virtual conference, with presentations, panels, poster sessions, workshops and networking opportunities, hosted by some of the biggest names in business.

The Agile Business Conference provides a single forum for everyone interested in the application of agile, or moving towards an agile way of working. We hit the pause button last year to allow everybody time to adjust to the world’s new way of working, but in 2021 the world’s longest running agile business conference will return for its 19th year, inviting members and non-members from around the globe to join us for a week of insightful and exciting discussion.

Read more and register here.

11-13 October 2021

Pacific NW Software Quality Conference

It’s been a challenging year worldwide. From a global pandemic to political divides, and protests for justice and awareness being met with violence, it seems like there are more things driving us apart than keeping us together. 

As a nonprofit, our mission is to provide a platform for education and the exchange of ideas and information. While we focus on the changing trends, tools, and approaches to quality within the software industry, we also know that global events reach our community and affect it in many ways. And we want to recognize this as we go forward.

Read more here.

No conferences found at the time of writing. If we missed it, please let us know via a short note here. Appreciate.

No conferences found at the time of writing. If we missed it, please let us know via a short note here. Appreciate.

If you want your event included or if you know of an event we didn’t mention, please send us a short note here with the name and link of the conference/event. We’d appreciate that!

The prices indicated is based on exchange rates from 24 January 2021 and will obviously change.