Our Service Offering

At Agilocity, we offer you the following solutions to any of theses common problem areas in Agile transformation.

Pilot Agile

We want to try Agile to see if it works and to get buy-in for larger adoption.

Our Solution:

  • An Agile Pilot Assessment and Roadmap
  • Agile Pilot Package
  • Team Coaching

Scaling Agile

We want to Scale Agile to multiple teams across the enterprise we can solve our large program challenges and lay the foundation for tracking enterprise capacity in order to deliver exponential value.

Our solution:

  • Agile Scaling Assessment, Strategy and Roadmap
  • Scaling Lean and Agile to Programs and Portfolio’s
  • Enterprise team optimization

Enterprise Transformation

We have been using in isolated pods around the enterprise, and now want to expand it towards the program and portfolio level of the organization.

Our Solution:

  • Enterprise Transformation Strategy and Roadmap
  • Enterprise Transformation Enablement Package
  • Transformation Coaching for Leaders
  • Stakeholder Education (HR, Finance, Audit/Legal, Facilities)

Leadership and Team Transformation

We want our leaders, managers and colleagues to gain the foundation soft skills needed in a highly collaborative and high performing culture.

Our Solution:

  • Effective Facilitation & Collaboration Skills
  • Servant Leadership for Leaders and Teams
  • Becoming a High Performing Team (Vision or Re-Visioning)
  • Cross-Functional Team Collaboration

We want our leadership team to shift away from the old fashioned Command and Control Management style to more collaborative Servant Leadership style so that we can enable high performing teams.

Our Solution:

  • Servant Leadership across the organization
  • Decentralizing Decision Making
  • Leading High Performing Teams
  • Leading Culture and Org Change
  • Leading 360 Assessment

Develop Self and Team

We want to understand and adopt the Agile mindset. We have either a little or no Agile experience and we have a need to be formally trained.

Our Solution: