Agilocity Training in a COVID-19 World

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We’ve adapted to the changing world by exclusively offering all our training (public and private setting) courses as online facilitator-driven events.  Based on industry guidance and our own experience, courses are limited to a maximum of 4 hours per day, and as such, you’ll see our two-day courses being held over 4-days and our three-day […]

Quick Pointers on Building Trust

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Share thought processes on important issues and involve the team in decision- making Create clear and transparent methods of working through team charters Create team (shared) OKR’s as opposed to individual OKR’s Show interest and stay in touch on the personal concerns of team members Celebrate success as a team but give constructive feedback individually […]

Leveraging the Lean-Agile Mindset for Business Agility

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Leveraging the Lean-Agile Mindset for Business Agility By Divya Jain & Joel Oosthuizen. Many of today’s mega corporations come from an era of a mono way of working. This way was characterized through batch-thinking, siloed business functions, centralized command to execute corporate strategy and so on. This style led to specialist teams and excellence in […]

SAFe® Version Increment to 4.6 – Key Changes

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SAFe 4.6 Changes — Scaled Agile Framework makes one major framework release per year and this year’s release to 4.6 has just been announced at the SAFe Summit in Washington D.C.  Luckily this time around the changes are quite small in comparison to previous years where modifications to the core structure of the framework too place. […]