differences between outputs and outcomes

The difference between outputs and outcomes

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Grasping the disparity between outputs and outcomes is critical for high-performing agile teams. Outputs are the amount of widget parts produced by a person or team. Outcomes speaks to the value or the end benefit, which is a consequence of the work undertaken. Agile teams use empirical process controls (inspection, adaption, transparency) on outputs as well as […]

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Team working agreement

What is a team working agreement and how do we construct one?

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Most effective teams are social structures that rely heavily on inter personal dynamics. These team  interactions have expectations associated with them, which we align on in the team working agreement. By making implied expectations explicit, team members can focus on authentic, passionate interactions, express their creativity, and put social fears behind them. Thus, working agreements […]

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Agiloocity Trust Article

Why trust matters in teams

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Teams that are synonymous with high levels of trust demonstrates high morale and productivity, information and ideas flow freely and team members offer assistance to one another without taking over. In essence this translates to a healthy, cohesive, collaborative team that delivers consistent results. These are all characteristics of high performance teams. So how do […]

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Are your superheroes killing your agility?

Are your superheros killing agility?

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Your firm is on its agile journey and you are leading a team which includes a superhero. This superhero is needed by most teams, is seen as a “key” person. Our superhero works on their own, not always aligned to teams goals, doesn’t attend all meetings (as they are busy), they bend the rules and […]

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PI Planning Roadmap

Roadmap to PI Planning

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Your PI Planning Checklist 5 Weeks to PI Planning Lean Business cases & Epic Hypothesis communicated (new work) and evaluated (existing work) Solution Management and Portfolio Management aligns on next priorities and socialize with Product Management (PM) Solution Roadmaps are updated & socialized with PM Continuous Exploration workshops conducted to build out features WSJF updated […]

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