Popular Enterprise Agile Frameworks – An overview

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Under the term agile we find various frameworks for structuring the way teams work. When it comes to enterprise agility it’s no different as we have various agile enterprise frameworks that provide direction for how teams work together on strategic organizational solutions. Together these frameworks provide a knowledge base for organizations to pick from in […]

The Leadership Challenge in Agile Transformations

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In this article relating to Agile Leadership Challenges we talk about 5 important practices that leaders can exhibit that can elevate them to highly successful lean-agile leaders.  These 5 practices originate from the book The Leadership Challenge, by Kouzes and Posner. The book describes 5 practices based off of a survey receiving over 2 million responses from industry […]

Testing Efforts in a Sprint

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Mature agile teams with mature agile skill-sets treats development and testing as intertwined activities rather than sequential ones. Development and testing should strive to integrate their activities so as to not be fundamentally separate work streams in one team, or mini waterfalls. If you are unable to do so, you should accept the risks and […]

Changing Organizational Culture

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Changing Organizational Culture requires working those changes across the organisation and from from top to bottom. Focusing on goals and results is only a small piece of the bigger picture. All parts has to be considered, company experience, employee beliefs and entrenched practices – and then ensure what you actually change is sustained. Use the […]