Four Principles of Lean Thinking

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By Joel Oosthuizen – A Lean piece on Lean Thinking. Add nothing but value – Eliminate waste Centre on the people that value Let customers ‘pull’ value – Delay commitment to the last responsible moment, deliver value fast Optimize the value stream – Optimize the whole- fight sub-optimization like the plague What’s Next? To request […]

Business Process Re-engineering

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By Joel Oosthuizen, Sept. 27th, 2016.  Business process re-engineering is a hot topic nowadays and for good reason. With disruption on the tails of many large enterprises, radical redesign of core business processes is required due to the rapid advancement of technology and therefore the consumer’s ever changing hierarchy of needs. Companies and process that […]

Critical Success Factors for Agile Transformation (part 1)

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Part of the ‘Designing and Implementing a Successful Agile Transformation’ series of posts. Agile Transformation Critical Success Factors Vision An Agile Transformation, as with any change initiative or project, starts off with a vision. The person with this vision has seen the extraordinary results that Lean thinking and Agile Principles and Values bring to an […]

Waste in Lean Software Development

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An infographic that can be used as a quick reference to identify waste in lean software development, and their Agile/ Lean remedies. What’s Next? If you need assistance with an Agile Transformation, or with Lean Process Optimization and Value Stream Mapping, please contact us here. If you need Agile or Lean training from team to […]