Agilocity Training in a COVID-19 World

Posted on COVID-19

We’ve adapted to the changing world by exclusively offering all our training (public and private setting) courses as online facilitator-driven events.  Based on industry guidance and our own experience, courses are limited to a maximum of 4 hours per day, and as such, you’ll see our two-day courses being held over 4-days and our three-day […]

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Agile Training

Agile Training and Education in Agile Transformations

Posted on Agile Transformation

In the previous sections of the Agile Transformations series of blog posts we looked at Critical Success Factors for Agile transformation, as well as Transition Management during an Agile Transformation. In today’s article we will be investigating what is required in terms of Agile Training and Education in Agile Transformations. Agile Training – Needs Analysis […]

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