Going beyond traditional Agile metrics

This is a work in progress article, as I learn more I will also be updating this writing more.

  • Don’t measure individual performance, measure team performance
  • What is team success
  • Working out what good and bad means
  • What is a good metric? What is a bad metric?
  • Mining data from an electronic tool ends up in us choosing the data that is easily available
    • Usually things we can count
      • Velocity
      • Throughput
  • Good metrics lead to decisions
    •  Insights that make us improve in specific areas
  • Metrics draw abuse. Let’s use that abuse to our advantage. E.g. if we measure throughput/amount of stories through the Sprint, then a natural by-product would be for teams to break stories up even further. Is that a bad thing?
    • The metric is now gamed
    • Look for those with a positive outcome
  • You need a good reason for using a metric. If it does not resonate with the teams, then it’s not going to work.
  • Good metrics are linked to strategy

Where there is fear, the figures will be wrong ~Deming

  • Larry Matteroni
    • Software Development performance index
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