ICAgile Certified Professional in Foundations of DevOps

About Foundations of DevOps

The ICP-FDO is one of two Continuous Learning Certifications (CLCs) on the DevOps Track. This certification provides an overview of core concepts for DevOps and is geared towards a broad audience of professionals, technical and non-technical. The learning objectives cover areas such as the business case for DevOps, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, accompanying cultural changes, operational considerations, configuration management, etc. Participants who complete this certification will gain an excellent foundation in DevOps concepts and ingredients for a successful transition.
Typically, training providers will cover the required learning objectives in approximately 14 hours of instructional activities over the course of two days.

Target Audience

Anyone with an interest in DevOps. Relevant roles include Developers, Testers, Operations leads and team members, Managers, Agile Coaches, or anyone aspiring to these roles. Also, anyone with a curiosity about the case for and potential of DevOps will benefit from this certification.

Method used

Lecturing is kept to the minimum necessary, most of the learning is achieved through applying the practices and techniques in group exercises and a case study.

Assessing the Acquisition of Knowledge

ICAgile requires instructors to assess their students in class prior to granting certification. ICAgile’s course accreditation process ensures that the training provider’s assessment method is valid and commensurate with intended learning outcomes. Assessments are not limited to written exams; rather, instructors can use a variety of means to assess knowledge acquisition. ICAgile highly encourages instructors to include their assessment process both in course descriptions, and during a discussion with the students on the first day of class. Students need to know that demonstration of learning, not simply attendance, is necessary for certification, and that it is ultimately the instructor’s decision to grant the certification. ICAgile requires instructors to explain their reasoning when denying a certification, and to let students know what they will need to do or change to obtain the credential.

Learning Objectives

  • The Case for DevOps
    • The History of DevOps
    • The Mindset and Principles
  • Organizational Context
    • Cultural Challenges
  • Configuration Management
    • Version Control
    • Dependancy Management
    • Managing Configuration
  • Continuous Integration
    • Practices of Continuous Integration
    • Build Automation
    • Quality Assurance
  • Continuous Delivery
    • Philosophy and Mindset
    • Principles of Continuous Delivery
    • Practices of Continuous Delivery
    • Deployment Pipeline
  • Test Strategy
    • Types of Testing
  • Operations
    • Managing Infrastructure
    • Managing Databases


ICAgile accredited course

This course aligns with the learning objectives for ICP-FDO of the International Consortium for Agile’s DevOps track.

For more information go to www.icagile.com


ICP Certification.


R11 600 per person, excluding 15% VAT.

Group discounts for 3+ delegates apply.

Duration & Time

2 Days


Rivonia/ Midrand GP – TBC

More info

Read more about the course on ICAgile’s website.


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