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PMI-ACP™ Examination Resources

PMI-ACP Exam Resource List

I decided to place all my PMI-ACP™ Examination Resources and thoughts in one place for easier sharing with my ACP students. Here please find a collection of the finest resources I could lay may search capabilities on. These are mostly just links (MVP1), if the time-value paradigm allows, I will elaborate on these notes.

PMI-ACP Exam Website

PMI-ACP Exam Reference Books

As there is no official Agile Body of Knowledge (BOK), PMI came up with a list of books hat encapsulate the curriculum. These books, needless to say, originates from the top minds in Agile thinking.

PMI-ACP Exam Syllabus – Reorganized in late 2015

  • Mike Griffiths, in the book PMI-ACP® Exam Prep, tries to create a more structure for the PMI-ACP® Exam syllabus by grouping Agile Tools and Techniques / Agile Knowledge and Skills into the Domains (which can be thought of as different aspects of Agile project management).
  • Inspired by Mike’s effort, I have created the following PMI-ACP® Exam Syllabus matrix (for the new PMI-ACP® syllabus) to give PMI-ACP® aspirants a more concrete grasp of what would be tested on the PMI-ACP® Exam.
  • This table can also serve as a last minute revision notes for PMI-ACP® Exam takers to test whether they have understood all the concepts as included below

Updated Syllabus Table. Ensure you know everything about every topic listed, and this should indicate when you are ready for the exam.

Download it here:

PMI-ACP Syllabus (includes 2015 changes)

Helpful Tips

• PMI-ACP Experiences (by Dave Rico)

• PMI-ACP Tips (by Sally Elatta)

Exam Prep Books (for Passing “PMI-ACP” Exam)

• The PMI-ACP Exam: How To Pass On Your First Try (Andy Crowe) – BEST BOOK FOR PMI-ACP Preparation

• PMI-ACP Exam Prep Guide (Mike Griffiths) – COMPREHENSIVE

• ACP Exam Prep Plus Desk Reference (John Stenbeck, et al.) – AWKWARD AT BEST

• PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) Exam Preparation Self-Study Courseware – NEW

• Agile Practices for Waterfall Projects: Shifting Processes for Competitive Advantage – NEW

• PMI-ACP Exam Prep: 1000+ PMI-ACP Practice Questions with Detailed Solutions – NEW

(Pros and Cons of PMI-ACP exam prep books, …)

Classroom Training (for “PMI-ACP” Prep)

Links (for “PMI-ACP” Exam)

• PMI-ACP Website

• PMI-ACP 12 “Core” Book References (upon which examination is based)

• PMI-ACP Handbook

• PMI-ACP Examination Content Outline (Guide)

• PMI-ACP Agile Knowledge Survey Quiz

• PMI-ACP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

• PMI-ACP Community of Practice (CoP)

Retrospective Formats

Agile Inception Deck (& Template)

Scrum Master & Product Owner Checklists

Scrum Master Templates

Burndown Charts:


Agile Lifecycle Management Tools

PMI-ACP Exam registration website

PMI-ACP Exam Outline & Learning Objectives/Domains

PMI-ACP Exam Practice Tests (free & paid)

600+ FREE PMI-ACP Sample Exam Questions with Answers

This list is by no means exhaustive, please add your tips in the comments below.

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