DevOps Foundation (DOFD) – Self Study

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Self study option for obtaining DevOps Foundation (DOFD) Certification.


Self study option for obtaining DevOps Foundation Certification (DOFD) from DevOps Institute.

What is included?

  • Self-study videos to learn at your own pace
    • DevOps Foundation: Course Introduction

    • Module 1: Exploring DevOps

    • Module 2: Defining the Cyber threat Landscape

    • Module 3: Key DevOps Practices

    • Module 4: Business & Technology Frameworks

    • Module 5: Culture, Behaviors and Operating Models

    • Module 6: Automation & Architecting DevOps Toolchains

    • Module 7: Measurement, Metrics & Reporting

    • Module 8: Sharing, Shadowing & Evolving

    • DevOps Foundation: Ancillary Materials

      • DevOps Foundation v3.3 Value Added Resources
      • Master DevOps Glossary
      • DevOps Foundation v3.3 Exam Requirements

      • DevOps Foundation v3.3 Sample Exam 1 with Key

      • DevOps Foundation v3.3 Sample Exam 2 with Key

      • DevOps Institute Resources and Events

What is excluded?

  • This product does not include the DevOps Foundation (DOFD) exam, this should be purchased directly from DevOps Institute.
  • Study videos
  • DevOps Leader: Ancillary Materials


What is the cost?

R7 500 Excl. 15% VAT (Please check for valid promotion on the price label).



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