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SAFe: Innovation and Disruption Catalyst

SAFe: Innoation and Disruption catalyst

In today’s fast paced digital economy, organizations need to disrupt their processes and culture which will naturally create a fertile canvas filled with digital innovative energy. Subsequently speed to market is accelerated allowing you to obtain feedback from your consumers, and then adjust the product until it’s perfect. With disruption taking place in those industries exuding the essential mix of ingredients required to innovate and disrupt, you can bet on the fact that someone, somewhere is going to exploit that area in your business.

Many organizations admit that they are unable to create change or disruption in a timely manner from within, and go as far as to in-source disruptive companies in order to capitalize on the revenue stream that disruption brings with it, something the enterprise would otherwise not have access to.  This is obviously done while the legacy organizational mountains are tirelessly grinding away in the backdrop with little success, usually to just keep the business running.

Enterprises realize that if they don’t employ this strategy of in-sourcing disruption, that they will lose out on the new markets and handsome revenue streams that these disruptive services bring to the consumer.

There is another way. Applying Lean and Agile thinking, values and principles to your organization enables your organization to realize it’s inefficiencies, and to put measures in place to combat those, alleviate those, or reinvent those areas. These Agile organizations know the benefit of researching their competitors and pushes lots of money into Research and Development to constantly delight the customer. Organizations of this magnitude often think that a transition to Agile ways of operating will take years before the fruits of this endeavor will be reachable. This could yield true if you are not getting the right guidance. However, when accompanied on the journey to Agility with the right coaches, training, mentoring and feedback, the journey could be as short as one week1.

When comparing the effort or ‘pain’ that needs to be endured for a short period of time, the continued benefits far outweigh the small school fees payable upfront.

Some cases in point:

Swisscom brought TV2.0 to market in half the time of comparable projects, ahead of the completion date. Decreased their time from code ready to mass roll-out from 9-12 months to no longer than six weeks.

Amdocs time to value down from 18 months to 8 months. 30% faster acceptance through user acceptance testing. Monthly demo of end-to-end functionality to customers, enabling better feedback and early re-calibration f plans with customer expectations.

Westpac: SAFE took 100 of Westpac’s staff, and turned them from waterfall to Agile in one week1. Team and business collaboration went through the roof while cycle times and defects decreased dramatically.

Cisco: 16% drop in defect rejected ratio (DRR). 40% decrease in critical and major defects. 14% increase in the defect removal efficiency (DRE). Increased employee satisfaction and totally abolished unsustainable overtime across the board.

LEGO: SAFe provides adaptability with creative customization. Product Increment planning reduces complexities which accelerates our team efficiency. SAFe helps LEGO to shift their mind-set from resource-optimization to flow optimization.

Telstra: Average delivery cycle time down from 12 to 3 months. 6 X increase in delivery frequency. 50% reduction in cost to delivery. 95% decrease in product defects. 100% of project delivered on-time and on budget. Happy project sponsors and teams.


1 Westpac introduced Agile in one week flat:

All case studies are documented on

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