SAFe® Version Increment to 4.6 – Key Changes

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SAFe 4.6 Changes — Scaled Agile Framework makes one major framework release per year and this year’s release to 4.6 has just been announced at the SAFe Summit in Washington D.C. 

Luckily this time around the changes are quite small in comparison to previous years where modifications to the core structure of the framework too place. In this article we take a brief look at what has changed.

SAFe 4.6 introduces five core competencies of the Lean Enterprise. They serve as the primary focus for the implementation of SAFe. In order to successfully navigate digital disruption and to effectively respond to volatile market conditions, changing customer needs and emerging technologies,  we have to master these core competencies. The competencies are:

Lean-Agile Leadership

Lean-Agile Leadership competence describes how Lean-Agile leaders are in charge of driving and sustaining organizational change by empowering teams and individuals to reach for their highest potential.  Learning, teaching, exhibiting and coaching SAFe’s Lean-Agile mindset, core values, principles and practices. 

Team and Technical Agility

The critical skills and Lean-Agile principles required to create high performing teams, capable of designing and building high quality technical capabilities in supporting current and future business requirements. This is all depicted in the Team and Technical Agility competency area.

Team agility refers to enablement of high performing organized agile teams which operates within the confines of the agile principles and practices. 

Technical agility brings Lean-Agile technical methods to create high quality, well designed technical solutions which support business requirements now and in the future. 

DevOps and Release On Demand

In today’s day and age organizations need the capability to release value at any time necessary to meet market demand. The Devops and Release on Demand competency how the principles and practices of DevOps provide the organization with the ability to deliver on demand. 

Business Solutions and Lean Systems

The Business Solutions and Lean Systems competency on the Large Solution level details how organizations can develop large and complex software and cyber-physical systems using Lean, Agile, flow-based value driven model. This model improves the actions necessary to specify, design, construct, test, deploy, operate, evolve and finally decommission solutions. 

Lean Portfolio Management

The Lean Portfolio Management competency area provides guidance on how the organization can implement Lean approaches to its strategy and investment theme funding, agile portfolio operations and Lean governance for the SAFe portfolio. 

SAFe for Government

Guidance on Government implementation success patterns is available in version 4.6 of the Framework.  The SAFe for Government theme is a work in progress.

New SAFe Implementation Roadmap

The Implementation Roadmap has been updated to include three new courses: 

  • SAFe Devops
  • Agile Software Engineering
  • Agile System and Solution Architect

Moreover the Implementation Roadmap has been updated to acknowledge the Agile-Waterfall dimension that companies find themselves in prior to reaching the tipping point to go SAFe. 

Other NB Stuff

  • For countries outside of North America: Improvements has been made on the website especially for us
  • SAFe Glossary has been updated and is now available in ten languages
  • Top menu navigation improved
  • New tabs to select the relevant SAFe configuration
  • New page to download posters in various configurations

SAFe 4.6 Compatability

Scaled Agile indicates that SAFe 4.6 is full backward compatible with version 4.5.

SAFe 4.6 Live Date

November 14th 2018. On this day all courses will be delivered based on SAFe 4.6.

Next Steps

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  • Interested in SAFe Training? Please see our SAFe suite of training here

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