Scaled Scrum Master Certified (SSMC™) Course

What will I learn?

SSMC™ course is a learning solution created to meet the demands of our customers. The SSMC elements are taught via our comprehensive
training material. This style of delivery saves you and your company time  and money. The SSMC course provides a quality platform for gaining skills, sharing experiences and learning from other organisations, while offering the flexibility as to how and when you learn.

Scaled Scrum Master Certification trainings are offered by SCRUMstudy approved Authorized Training Partners (A T P s). All trainers are highly
experienced and accredited by SCRUMstudy Course fee includes the certification exam fee Participants will be awarded ‘Scaled Scrum
Master Certified’ certificate from SCRUMstudy on successful completion of the exam.

The aim of the SSMC course is to
• Provide an understanding of the principles in the Scrum framework
• Provide a practical working knowledge of Scrum including roles, meetings, and artifacts
• Prepare participants to be comfortable with implementing Scrum in their organizations
• Prepare participants to take SSMC ™ exam upon completion of the course

At the end of this course the delegate will be prepared for the SSMC™ exam.

Audience Profile

This course is appropriate for professionals interested in obtaining a working knowledge of
Scrum and planning to become a Chief Scrum Master, or Program Scrum Master, or Portfolio Scrum Master, including

  • Scrum Team Members
  • Product Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Project Sponsors
  • Portfolio Scrum Masters
  • Program Scrum Masters
  • Programmers
  • Designers
  • Testers
  • Software Engineer
  • Executives
  • Business Owners
  • Business Analysts, etc


There is no formal prerequisite for this certification. However, it is preferable to complete the Scrum Master
Certified SMC ™ certification before applying for the Scaled Scrum Master certification It is also highly recommended to attend a SSMC ™ training provided by a SCRUMstudy approved Authorized Training Partner (A T P).

What is included?

  • High quality videos, study guides, chapter tests, and case study
  • High quality hands on training using role plays and case studies
  • Course fee includes certification exam fee
  • Complimentary copy of the SBOK™ Guide
  • Free Lifetime Primary Membershi
  • One year Advanced Membership worth $120
  • PMI approved PDUs

Examination Format

  • Multiple choice
  • 70 questions per exam
  • No negative marks for wrong answers
  • 90 minutes duration
  • Proctored online exam
  • Current pass rate 95%

Course Objectives

SSMC™ is an advanced level certification for professionals who are working as or are interested to work as Chief Scrum Masters, Program Scrum Masters, or Portfolio Scrum Masters.

The objective of this certification is to confirm that the applicants have sufficient expertise to coordinate and facilitate the working of multiple Scrum Teams at projects, programs and portfolios levels.

Course Outcomes

  • Students will readily recognize, define, and work with the concepts, advantages, and challenges of the Scrum Framework
  • Students will be prepared to play the role of Chief Scrum Master or Program Scrum Master or Portfolio Scrum Master in their organizations and help their organizations adopt the Scrum Framework
  • Furthermore, students will develop an understanding of the other roles in Scrum
  • Students will gain knowledge pertaining to and the ability to anticipate issues related to the practical implementation of Scrum
  • Students will be armed with the proper tools to address, resolve, and take the lead on Scrum issues in their organizations
  • Students will be provided access to an online exam After passing the exam, each student’s certificate will be made available online.

Course Methodology

  • We promise a highly engaging course that ensures high retention of concepts and theories
  • Students are encouraged to work through the concepts rather than just listen to them this provides better internalization and retention
  • Students work through a case study to simulate product development using the Scrum Framework

Course Outline


    • Agile Overview
    • The Rise of Agile
    • The Agile Manifesto
    • Principles of the Agile Manifesto
    • Declaration of Interdependence
    • Agile Methods
    • Agile vs Traditional Project Management

Scrum Overview

  • Scrum Principles
  • Scrum Aspects
  • Scrum Processes
  • Scrum Advantages

Scrum Roles

  • Core Roles
    • Product Owner
    • Scrum Master
  • Scrum Team
  • Non core Roles

Scrum Phases

  • Initiate
  • Plan and Estimate
  • Implement
  • Review and Retrospect
  • Release

Scaling Scrum

  • Scalability of Scrum
  • Scrum in Programs and Portfolios
  • Scrum of Scrums ( Meeting
  • Transition to Scrum
  • Mapping Traditional Roles to Scrum
  • Maintaining Stakeholder Involvement
  • Importance of Executive Support
  • Scaling Scrum for Large Projects
  • Create Large Project Components
  • Conduct and Coordinate Sprints
  • Prepare Large Project Release
  • Impact of Large Projects to Fundamental Scrum


  • Scaling Scrum for the Enterprise
  • Create Program or Portfolio Components
  • Review and Update Scrum Guidance Body
  • Create and Groom Program or Portfolio Backlog
  • Coordinate Program or Portfolio Components
  • Retrospect Program or Portfolio Releases

Registration for online self-study course

Registration for In-Person Class

Currently we’re only offering this course as in-person for groups of 10+ people. Please contact us here to discuss further.