Scrum Master Salary Survey 2015

Growing Agile brings you the Scrum Master Salary Survey 2015, containing salary statistics from coaches, consultants and Scrum Masters. Have a look at their interesting findings here.

Some key observations from the Scrum Master survey:

  • A Senior Agile Coach earns about double that of a Scrum Master in Gauteng
  • There is a growing number of Agile coaches in SA
  • Salary is mostly determined by one’s previous job
  • The most influential learning for Agile practitioners are:
    • Having a mentor
    • Mentoring others
    • Doing pair work
    • Mentored others
    • Being mentored
    • Having a coach
  • Attending local conferences and events came out as top in the “How do you share and connect” category.

Read the full article, which appeared first on Growing Agile on May 22nd, 2015.

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